Seurat. Master of pointillism

Georges Seurat (Paris 1859- 1891) was the initiator of Neo-impressionism. With his paintings built up from countless tiny dots – or points – of paint and his great attention to scientific colour theories, he developed a new form of aesthetics. Seurat died young, at the age of just 31. He was only able to produce around 50 paintings in his short career. Through loans from museums and private collectors from all over the world, the museum has brought together 23 of his paintings and 24 of his drawings. It is the first time that so many of the painted and drawn works of Seurat are being exhibited in the Netherlands. Even Le Cirque (The Circus), one of the showpieces at the Musée d’Orsay, will be coming to Otterlo. Seurat was one of the elite among the Parisian avant-garde artists, and exchanged ideas with like-minded artists and writers. Over the course of the nineteenth century, the French capital developed into a modern metropolis with wide boulevards, large parks, commercial entertainment venues, and a ring of suburbs. Seurat found plenty of subjects for his work. From the frivolous can-can depicted in Le Chahut to the Eiffel Tower, which he painted before construction work on the tower had been completed.
From 1885 onwards, Seurat spent his summers at resorts along the coast of Northern France, from Grandcamp to Gravelines. There he produced tranquil seascapes, greatly contrasting with the lively city scenes. One particular highlight is the series of paintings that Seurat produced in Gravelines – the complete series is on show.

To accompany Seurat. Master of pointillism, the museum is organizing an extensive side-programme for young and old, with (dance) workshops, concerts, theatre performances and artists in residence. A lavishly illustrated publication, which places Georges Seurat in his times, will also be available, entitled SEURAT (+/- 160 pg.). ISBN Dutch edition: 978-90-73313-29-3, English edition: 978-90-73313-28-6, French edition: 978-90-73313-30-9. In the auditorium, the exhibition film Seurat. In search of the essence will be shown on continuous loop (short interruptions might be possible due to activities).
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-With an exceptional loan from Musée d’Orsay-